Friday, February 4, 2011

Beautiful Barcelona: So Far my Favorite

Oh my goodness. Barcelona is so great! And that is what i am going to
tell you about since I am on an overnight train to Zurich, Switzerland
and 8:43pm is still an early bed time for me. Even though Ive had a
loooong day.
Well, our venture into Spain started yesterday morning when our
overnight train arrived in Barcelona around noon. As we made our way
through the country after crossing the border, the sun was shining as
bright as I have ever seen it on this trip so far- a warm and
welcoming sunny; and the scenery around us was just as bright- it
kinda looks like southern California-southern shrubs, dusty, snow
capped mountains in the background, and the Mediterranean sea to our
left. Gorgeous!
Oddly, my first meal in Spain was mcdonalds (free wifi) side salad, a
'mini capuccino', carrots, and rice cakes as we figured things out and
looked for a hostel.
I felt really confidant arriving in Spain because I somewhat knew the
language, and we got around fairly easy- people again are really nice
in Barcelona and I could actually communicate with them, which was nice.
Anyways, the weather was about 55-60 degrees and sunny. It felt so
good after being in the cold for the last two weeks!
Our hostel was right on the water- the beaches are so beautiful here.
That day we checked out a main street called 'Las Ramblas' and it's
basically a long wide street where people walk in the middle on a very
wide sidewalk- there you will see some street vendors, outside seating
for cafes, and street performers- or people that just stand there
doing nothing but have gold paint all over them. Anyways- there are
some cool stores in the area, bakeries, cafes, etc. We also walked by
the Barcelona cathedral- an old building gothic style-it looked really
cool at night and also walked by a Salvador Dali museum.
The next day is a little more exciting-
We got up to see the sunrise over the sea- and I decided to try to
paint it as one of my paintings. It was so beautiful! A nice chill was
about us, but slowly turned into a nice warmth.
We then walked all day- went to Parc Guell, Goudi's house, arc de
triomphe, and just wandered about the city. Parc guell was absolutely
amazing- from the top you could see all of Barcelona- from the see to
the mountains- it was so great. All I could think was Jesus Christ-
how awesome He us to create this all for us! And how awesome us He to
make minds so creative to build the things we've seen! Seriously- just think about all the wonderful, sometimes overlooked things in this world- it all shows LOVE, Gods love for all people. Imagine what heaven is going to be like.
Oh, and you know how I am eating a cupcake in every country for Kristen?
Well that same day, just after seeing Barcelona´s Arc de Triomphe, we randomly walked down this street that was not so populated, had some apartments and small shops and I found this place called Lolita´s Bakery- basically the only place in town that had cupcakes! And there I had my chocolate tiramisu cupcake.
That is all for now!
The beach-sideways.

Cupcakes in Barcelona.

La Segrada Familia.

The marketplace.
Last but not least...make art and send me €.

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  1. Love it! If you have a chance I hear that Calis, Spain is absolutely spectacular and full of history.