Monday, February 7, 2011

Zurich, Switzerland & Kaiserslautern, Germany

That's how you say hello in Swiss-German, or that's how it is  
pronounced anyways.
This weekend was very relaxing- we arrived in Zurich at about 10am,  
meeting Casey's friend, Mahela. She picked us up from the train  
station in a car! And that's when we realized that it's the first time  
we stepped foot in a car since we left! Headed to her family's  
beautiful home that was situated on a hill, surrounded by farmland.  
Cobblestone driveway, huge country barn, a small orchard, and a  
chicken coop were in close proximity of the home. It reminded me of  
the home in Alice in Wonderland- the rabbit's home that she grew  
really big in. You know what I am talking about?
Anyways- it's cool her family grows alot of things; her sister raises  
chickens- which we had a great omlete from:) and also leeks, walnuts,  
lettuce, and a variety of other things as well.
This makes me want to start growing things again when I get home- only  
problem is, it would be on a small balconey that would probably add up  
to one good meal and that's about it.
After taking a short bike ride, we had lunch and went into Zurich and  
walked around the city- there's one main expensive street that has  
cute little shops, chocolatiers, restaurants, and a lot of people  
walking on it that we explored that day- this street also goes  
straight down to the water- a beautiful lake- then loops around to old  
town Zurich which has cobblestone alleys, old churches, and a laid  
back small town, friendly feel to it.
We ended the night with a great homemade dinner that consisted of  
salad (super happy about the greens), and boiled potatoes, and of  
course Swiss chocolate and tea for dessert.
Next day we got up for a delicious brunch and headed into town- made a  
visit to the Zurich toy museum, and shortly toured the university's  
garden, but because it's winter there wasn't much to see. Speaking of  
weather, it was clear, sunny, and somewhat warm- we have been very  
blessed on our trip.
Afterwards, we went over to Mihela's work- where she works with Muslim  
children during the weekend so we got to hang out with them for a bit  
and they were so cute! They all also spoke at least 4 languages which  
was pretty impressive because these girls were no older than 12 years  
old. Pretty awesome what she does.
The next day consisted of church in the morning- which was something  
we both missed as of late and. Lunch together with the whole church  
afterwards- which was Great!
 Then headed off to Kaiserslautern, Germany, where Casey had a contact.
We spent the night eating and playing games with other Americans- her 
friend does this thing called Cadence International-
a Christian ministry to people in the army and such. We basically hung out
with other Americans which was a nice break from all these "foreigners"
we've been meeting (jk by the way, I like meeting non-Americans :))
The next day we went to a sweet castle on a hill that was actually built 
in the 1200s! Crazy! I stood where people stood over 800 years ago. That 
is soo wild to think about, oh my goodness. 
Then we hung out around the town, and got some dinner at the only brewpub 
in town that served authentic German food- I opted out for a beer taster tray 
and a market fresh salad with grilled mushrooms--German? No idea, but, we are 
hitting up Berlin at some point, so
I'll get my chance :). 
I wasn't too impressed with these cities- no offense to them, but they just didn't tickle me fancy. 
They were both relaxing and laid back for us though:) 
I miss my friends and family. 
Here's some pictures: 
Zurich- by the lake.

Trying homebrews in K-town.


The Castle in Kaiserslautern- built in 1200s.

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