Friday, February 25, 2011

Relaxing in Vienna

Vienna blog
So the last few days have been spent in beautiful Vienna...Vienna is located in Austria and is basically the classical music 'headquaters' in the world. It's surrounded by beautiful mountains and countryside and in it's center lies churches, theaters, opera houses, universities, etc. Oh and a bunch of shops and GREAT places for chocolate, pastries, cakes, and everything in between. 
So! We got there Tuesday night, met my sweet uncle and headed home. The next day we hit the city and visited around the city.
Oh! And we also got to experience a live organ concert for free in a local church! It was a beautiful church- see below. It was glorious! 
That next day we took a walk by the river which starts in Germany and emptys itself out in the Black Sea. That night me and Casey made dinner- chicken, bruschetta, and salad and started working on a couple cakes- tiramisu and a fruit cake. That night ended with Romanian TV shows. The next day we headed up to a small town in the country for the night- a very much needed day of relaxation- so this blog entry might not be too exciting. 
We went on a walk through the village with my adorable aunt and uncle...the mountains around us were topped with snow on top and the hills nearby were jealous of them. Houses had smoke coming out their chimneys, and a hint of fog permeated through the village. We made our way to the dairy farm and left some empty bottles to be filled- I wanted so badly to milk a cow! But wasn't able to. Then we made our way to an organic meat farm where a kind Austrian family welcomed us in and gave us our carne and then to an independantly owned store/restaurant- basically someones house where they butcher, smoke, and cook all kinds of meat. This was the best part- he gave us samples of smoked pork, salami, and even a fresh roast out of the oven! It was so incredibly delicious- I wish all you were there tasting this (except if you are a vegetarian- sorry). I usually don't eat s lot of meat but this I couldn't pass up. 
We then headed back, and spent a quiet evening of painting, drinking tea, and listening to classical music.
The next day we got to see a small town called Banden- where Beethoven used to have a house and spend time. It was cute, kinda pricey, but nonetheless beautiful. It's cool because they have bike trails everywhere. Near those two towns and in the summertime it is absolutely wonderful. One day I will come back, next time in the summer. So this was our last day in Vienna, which means we got to eat our cakes and break open the champene haha. Then later that night we were on our way to Venice, Italy! Which you will hear about next. And let me tell you- if 'falling in love' is possible with a city- this would be it:)

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